Monday, April 14, 2014

The End of My Freshman Year.

The end of my freshman of college is approaching, and it's approaching very fast. I did not realize that we only have 2 weeks left of classes, then final exams start. There is a lot to be done before exams, there are times where I just want to say forget this I'm ready to be done. But then I think about my goals in life that I have planned for myself. Every professor wants to cram one last test in before the final exam. Which is fine but not on the same day, because that can be very aggravating just because I don't know what test is more important.

Now that I know how this whole college thong works, I think I will be better off my Sophomore year. I think I have finally figured out a way to study, and pass my test.

Don't get me wrong I am looking forward to summer but I am also just ready to get the heck out of college. I want to be working a job that I can potentially have for the rest of my life, such as a dental hygienist. I want to be making money that I live off of. As long as I can focus on school, and keep my grades up then I think I will do just fine. Have a great summer everyone! Lol.

Second Outside Event

On April 6th I attended the Pink Lady Gala, which is a performance of all competition dances combined. There were over 51 dances combing solos, duets, and trios; along with group dances. Everyone did a great job, and I could defiantly tell the dancers were bettering themselves. There are times that I miss dance, but at the end of the day I like to have a social life. When you do competitive dancing, it consumes a lot of your time. The reason why it consumes a lot of your time is because you are working so hard to perfect your dances. Why spend all of this money on costumes and entry fees and then have a sucky dance.

The performance started at 2 p.m. and we got out of there around 5:30 p.m. There was a 10 minute intermission between acts, but it still took a long time. Being a competitive dancer you need to have stage presence, meaning you need to have facials. When a dancer has facials it entertains the audience and keeps them involved in the performance. When a dancer doesn't have facials it makes the audience bored and want to leave.

Overall the dancers did a great job, and I loved the back drop. It was just simply a spelling out of PINKS with pink glitter all over the letters. I do miss dance at times because it was a way for me to express my feelings through dancing across the floor. But life goes on and you can always find other ways to express your feelings if you do not have time to dance.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Springgg Breakkkkk.

I know I may be late on writing this blog, but over spring break I was able to achieve one of my outside of class activities. I went down to Virginia beach, and attended something sort of like Shamrock the block here in RVA. It started with a parade, and people were everywhere
in the streets. And they were also drunk, there were vendors everywhere selling beer, some vendors even had a special "green beer". It was very interesting, and I also got some good laughs in at people. When people are drunk it can be very entertaining. Anyways back to the parade, it went on for about an hour and a half, because the drunks were out in the road, in the way of the parade. So then the police had to come and remove them. Everyone was decked out in green, for St. Patrick's Day. The parade was in downtown OceanView, there was also plenty of restaurants around so that the drunk people could go and eat food to soak up the alcohol. After the parade, my family went and enjoyed a pizza at a friend's restaurant; there they also had a special "green beer". It was a fun filled weekend, anytime down at the beach is a fun time. It's very relaxing to just be down there enjoying the breeze, the sand between my toes, and enjoying the salt filled air. Also while at the parade there were people that brought their little children, and my opinion of that is why???? If you know that you are going to drink, and have your little child with you; why not just get a babysitter? Because most likely you are not going to be fully responsible, because you are obviously under the influence of alcohol. It just doesn't make sense to me, in my psychology class we discussed that people should have to take a test on parenting. Part of me agrees and part of me doesn't everyone is entitled to be a parent, but you at least need to be responsible. And don't bring your child to a party where they could get lost in all the people, 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Some thing that I can't seem to figure out is why others take people for granted. Why do you take advantage of something that's going good for you, turn around and disrespect that one person that loves you a lot. I understand that you have to go through rough times to get to the good times, but when you constantly do the same thing over and over again time and time again; I would have thought that you would have learned your lesson.

One thing that I don't let people mess around with is my family. I will defend and protect my family, unless that is of course that they are in the wrong. Don't sit there and disrespect someone that has done nothing, but good things for you and then you call them selfish. Different story if you have a reason to call them selfish, but in this case it was not needed.

Moral of the story, don't take advantage of something in your life. Don't cross certain boundaries that were placed in the beginning. And if you do prepare to hear about it and take the consequences.

Snow Days

I think one thing that everyone is tired of is the snow and the inconvenience that it brings to many. Every time I hear that more snow is in the forecast, I just think to myself well it might be June and still snowing.

Then I think about all the work that we have missed from school, and I'm just like yes the day off was nice but I'm paying for my education now so it's kind of frustrating. But it's whatever can't to anything to get my money back.

I mean after all people care about it money, money, money, and more money.

Then the high school kids complain about having a 2 hour delay, well in college your lucky if you even get a delay or closing. And some of us have a further distance to drive than half of the high schoolers. I just don't understand some things.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This Grammar thing

These Grammar “teaching things” are in the way. Nobody has time to meet up with their groups and make a lesson on a grammar topic. We are college students already in debt, and are just trying to make money and have social lives. So therefore we do not have time to meet with our groups because everyone has different schedules. And let’s face it no one wants to work on school work over the weekends, that’s our time outside of the classroom to relax and kick back. And who knows maybe go out a party, but if you are going to; please be safe. It just does not make any sense to me why we have to go over stuff that we learned back in middle and high school. I guess maybe just to refresh our memories, but still we could just do activities in the classroom.

So tomorrow we as in my group are going, and just praying that everything goes as planned. And half the time people don’t even pay attention to what we are talking about. But who knows maybe they will enjoy ours.

Anyways I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend, until next time‼

First Paper

My class has been in the process of writing our first research paper of the semester, for this class. The first topic is Crime and Punishment; it’s not a topic that I am strongly for or against. But it’s what had to be done, so I just got to do it. While researching this topic, I found some things that I didn’t already know, and some things that confirmed my questions. I decided to write my research paper, on why the death penalty should be enforced and should be legal in all states. I had many ideas run through my head, and thought once or twice about changing my topic. But during group peers I was told that I had some strong points, and that it looked like my paper was heading in the right direction. Now it is just a matter of organizing my paper so that it flows, and makes sense to the audience. I feel that people will read my paper, and be against it. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs. So I will see where this writing takes me, and now I know what to look forward to in the two other papers.